Why hosting a "House Concert"?

In the era of mega-concerts, it is getting more difficult for  performers to find good venues and for those who enjoy this kind of music to find locations in which to enjoy live performances. House concerts have proven to be an ideal solution. They are private get-together s organized as mini concerts.
The result is that both the performer and the audience get the benefit of a more intimate venue and the audience gets to mingle with the performer at intermission and after the concert. Since they are private concerts, there is no ticket price, but guests are generally asked to make a suggested donation.

Our Concerts are "Donation-based Concerts" for that reason there is not set fee payable


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join our concerts or host one of our Spectacular Concerts.

How does it work:

There are lots of reasons to host a house concert.Once we got involved in the house concert scene, we discovered we enjoyed the small,  nature of the concerts more than we ever imagined. So we expanded to a series of concerts during the year.

House concerts hosts are not in it for the money. The money collected at the door and from CD sales goes 100% to the artist.But hosts do not get paid for their time in spreading the word, collecting reservations, and other assorted investments of time. But honestly, there is no greater experience than getting to hear your favorite artists play your favorite music in your living room, and sharing the music with the other folks at the concert.

The artist is relying on you to get the audience there (and to get an audience there who will enjoy that type of music), because that is how the artist earns a living and connect with new audiences.

You can Invite Friends, family, neighbors and anyone who will enjoy an evening of music, song and great company. The sky is the limit. We suggest a min of 20 people per home concert to make it viable for the Artists.

Do I need to serve food or drinks?  There are lots of different formats for house concerts – ranging from potluck dinners followed by a concert to a very traditional concert going experience.  We choose to offer light snacks and beverages for the audience to munch on before the show and at intermission.  We put out a donation jar on the table to help recoup costs.

How do I know if my house is suitable?  To host a successful house concert, you need a space large enough to hold 20-50 people.  That can be a living room, two rooms that flow together (as long as there are good sight lines to the see the performer), or a nice patio/backyard. For an outdoor concert, you will need to make sure you have a backup plan if there is bad weather (like a tent or a place to move indoors), and you may very well need a small sound system. (Most of the time the Artists do have their own setup and need to setup 2 hours before hand)

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