Particle Counters & Gas Detection Models

Particle Counter Range:

YKJ-T oil particle counter

- Use laser shading principle which International Hydraulic Standards Committee specified

-With four GJB 420B、NAS1638、ISO4406、ГOCT17216-71 standard

-With the advanced sampling system of high precision......


HPC300 Super-thin 3 Channel Hand held Particle Counter

  • Simultaneously measures 3 user configurable particle sizes
  • Counting modes with cumulative/ differential /concentration / average / auto-repeat / timer
  • Up to 1500-data (450 sets) internal memory
  • Excess-count- limit warning
  • USB interface for data downloading and upgrading.......

HPC600 Six-Channel Hybrid Handheld Particle Counter

  • All 6 channels continuously adjustable with 0.1 micron step resolution
  • Combines both hand held and portable functionalists with a  built-in mini-printer
  • USB and RJ45 interfaces for remote real-time sampling and data download
  • Long-distance remote sensing via Ethernet
  • Up to 6000 internal data memory
  • Excess-count-limit warnings
  • High precision, digital, external temperature and humidity sensors
  • Durable keypads with a large blue LCD display
HCP600 PPC300

PPC300 3-Channel Portable Laser Particle Counter

  • Simultaneously measures 3 user configurable particle sizes
  • Counting modes with cumulative/ differential /concentration / average / auto- repeat /timer
  • Up to 1000 sets internal memory
  • Excess-count- limit warning
  • USB/RS232 interface for data downloading and upgrading
  • External digital temperature and humidity probe
  • Ac/dc measurement print
  • Low meter included


Gas Detection Range:


HAT100 Single channel handheld PM2.5 measuring instrument


  • Direct reading dust concentration in real time
  • Boot can test
  • Numerical display
  • Carry convenience
  • Maintenance is simple, reliable and durable

HAT200 High Precision PM2.5 Speed Measuring Instrument


  • Light scattering principle, with high testing precision.
  • Fast response, easy operation, maintenance-free.
  • Power supply by a powerful lithium-ion battery.
  • Intelligent sleep and auto power off ensure energy save.
  • Read and display the date for the dust concentration directly.
  • Innovative electronic cutting technology.

HAT200S Portable high precision PM2.5 detector

  • Direct reading real-time dust concentration, numerical display
  • Innovative electronic cutting technology
  • Test precision of light scattering principle
  • Quick response test & has the advantages of simple operation, no need of maintenance
  • The large capacity lithium battery
  • Intelligent recognition and automatic shutdown, the maximum power saving.
  • With USB data download and storage function


HPC200(A) Air purifier purify efficiency detector

  • Test precision is high
  • Can at the same time for two size (0.3mm, 2.5 microns) for testing analysis
  • Automatically calculate the percentage of the purification efficiency
  • Percentage display, easy to understand
  • The operation is simple


HFX105 Hand held Formaldehyde Monitor

  • Wide measuring range
  • Fast response
  • Direct real time reading
  • Large data storage
  • High-speed USB with a free data download software
  • No warm-up time
  • Auto back light & Self-calibration
  • User-defined excess limit warning
  • Optional RH/T sensor probe
  • CE certified

High-precision Hand-held Digital CO2 Tester

  • Reliable dual-beam, non-dispersive infrared absorption gas sensor (NDIR)
  • Fast response
  • Direct real time digital reading
  • Large data storage capacity
  • High-speed USB and free data download software
  • Auto back light
  • Simple and easy self- calibration and correction
  • Audible excess limit warning
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Optional digital temperature and humidity sensor probe
  • CE certification
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