Each person on the planet is now required to adjust. To change. To transform the way that we interact in our lives. 

It is clear that we are all in the midst of Global Health Pandemic.

We need to respond. Each one of us has the ability to decide on how we can personally respond to these world-wide health issues. 

We can choose to make the necessary changes, protect ourselves and we can also make the choice to remain realistic in the surreal situation we find ourselves in. We can empower ourselves! 

This is what this page and content is all about.  It's about making the RIGHT choice for ourselves in these very uncertain times.

do you NAMASTE?

Change is Here - It starts with You!

Namaskar Health2

We have compiled easy to understand information booklets and helpful videos detailing updates, information and guidance on how each one of us should be working to flatten the curve and diminish the scourge of the Corona-19 Virus. 

We've got you covered!

Our info-videos also include details of our new range of all-new Designer Luxury Face-wear Masks and respiratory protective products and items that are available. 

Note: Our product range such as the Delux Fashion Facemasks (Fully reversible cloth mask) and our Hand, Surface and Gel Sanitisers is listed at the bottom of this page - click on the "Enquire" button for more or send us a message for a full list.

Join us in building a new way forward. Stay Safe, Get your MASK on and walk the Na-MAST-ay way!

Download the latest World Health Organisation information regarding required hygiene, respiratory protection and learn how to establish safety protocols around life within the grip of the Covid-19 virus!

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The NAMASKAR Face-Wear 3-in-1 range of Fashionable, stylish Luxurious, Reversible & Designer Health Masks approach life from a holistic angle...


By investing in one of our unique wearable, reversible and washable fashion masks you achieve all the maximum benefits without making further major adjustments to your already changed and still busy life-style.

  • Keep yourself healthy – breathe easily whilst ensuring consistent guarded respiratory protection.
  • Reduce environmental toxicity by re-using the product.
  • Maintain comfort, look good and retain a healthy outlook all at the same time.

Set yourself apart, work toward ensuring you remain clear of respiratory delivered viral attacks and push the boundaries of fashion, health and environmental well-being awareness today! 

Ensure continued protection with our fully reversible home-laundrable Face-Wear!


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You deserve to look, feel and be fabulous at all times!

As a South African company, we are always driven to innovate new products. Our all-new Namaskar Face-Wear combines our already extensive experience in the air and surface environmental sampling areas of industry and public areas with over 30 years of experience in industries requiring particle-free clothing and safety-wear.

We have proudly developed the NAMASKAR range of Well-Being Face-Wear Masks as an exciting solution to an international issue, offering an efficient product that delivers increased protection, offers durability, comfort whilst at the same time ensures that the wearer can go about their day-to day lives in a fashionable and environmentally-conscious manner!

Start the Movement! Be the Leader of Change and Transformation!

Wearing anything over the mouth and nose may reduce our ability to talk but we still have our eyes and vision available to communicate!

When wearing a Namaskar Well-Being Face Wear Mask, it’s a good time to greet someone, give love, compassion and understanding through using the eyes.

Let the transformation begin!


Did YOU Know?

The gesture of placing your hands together at heart height and looking into your visitors eyes with love, compassion and understanding is widely used throughout the Indian subcontinent as well as parts of South and South-East Asia.

Nowadays, it has been widely adopted in various parts of the Western world to be used in greeting friends, family and guests. It expresses love, respect, courtesy, honor, and hospitality from one person to the other. There is no need to touch others or even touch your face during the quick Namaste interaction whilst it acknowledges the other person in so many wonderful ways.

The word “Namaste” (or "Namaskar") is used as a respectful form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger.  In some contexts, "Namaste" is used by a person to express gratitude for assistance offered or given, and to thank the other person for his or her generous kindness.

Here at Namaste Health we are grateful for every customer we meet and we greatly appreciate every purchase we receive. 

Do YOU Namaste?

Be the change - Lead the way forward into a new world of respect, gratitude and love.

NAMASKAR 3-in-1 Facemasks

Our Apparel is designed to be durable, protective and provide long-term colour fastness whilst offering easy-care properties combined with an insertable anti-static disposable anti-particulate filter that meet our demanding schedules and requirement of today’s busy lifestyle. Comfort and long term performance are key attributes that we took into consideration when developing our unique range of Face-Wear Masks.  The raw materials we use are carefully selected for their robust properties whilst also providing clear and recognisable maximum levels of protection for each person who appreciates their health for not only themselves but also their world. We have maintained internationally recognized manufacturing practices in each Mask that we manufacture.

  • ITEM CODE : FM_02

    Delux Denim Cloth Face Mask

    • Designer washable fashion Face-Mask providing comfort and protection. Fitted with a cotton liner and accepts our Replaceable quality disposable anti-particulate filter insert.
    • Size available : XS-XL 
    • Quality Elastic Earloops provided 

    Cost: R 65.00 each excluding delivery charge

  • Item Code: FM_03

    Delux DESIGNER Face Mask

    • 100% Cotton Fabric (Fashionable patterns)
    • Washable and Fully Reversible
    • Re-sizable Satin Elastic Ear-Loops with Ear tabs
    • Inner Pocket for Filer Insert (MSDS available)
    • High-Spec Disposable Filter Inserts provided
    • Fits entire side of face

    Size:  Small - 24cm | Medium -26cm | Large - 28cm

    Note: X-Small and X-Large sizes are available on special order - extended manufacture lead times may apply - please check when enquiring.

    Cost: R100 each

Gel and Spray Sanitizers

  • ITEM CODE : FM_04

    Workwear 2Ply Mask

    • Workwear Brushed cotton feel 2 layer washable facemask c/w cotton liner, nose clip, elastic headband, sizing clip and accepts our Replaceable quality disposable anti-particulate filter insert.
    • Size available : XS-XL 

    Cost: R 55.00 each excluding delivery charge

  • Item Code: HGSAN_100

    Hand Gel Sanitizer 100ml [ 85% IPA, Medical Grade ] 

    R25 each

    Hand Gel Sanitizers

  • Item Code: HSSAN_100

    Hand Sanitizer Spray 100ml [ 85% IPA, Medical Grade ] 

    R25 each

    Hand Spray Sanitizer

  • Item Code: STER_750

    Floor & Surface Sanitizing Spray 750ml
    Fragrance: Lavender | Citrus | Cherry

    [ 85% IPA, Medical Grade ]

    R100 each

    Surface Sanitizers

  • Item Code: HSAN_750

    Hand Sanitizer Spray 750ml [ 85% IPA, Medical Grade ]

    R100 each (Excluding Delivery)

    Hand Sanitizer Spray

  • Item Code: SAN_5L

    Floor/Surface/Hand Sanitizer Spray 5Litre [ 85% IPA, Medical Grade ]

    R320 each (Excluding Delivery)

    5 Litre Hand Sanitizers

  • Item Code: SAN_25L

    Floor/Surface/Hand Sanitizer Spray Refill Liquid in 25 Litre plastic drum container (return drum for reduced cost per order)

    R1550 each (Excluding Delivery)

At times like this, we all need that extra love. We warmly invite and look forward to you posting videos of you wearing your Namaskar Face Wear Mask on our Facebook page and showing us the creative ways you use to greet and acknowledge people during this time!  Be PART of our movement, let's transform the entire world, one greeting at a time! Do YOU Namaste?  Find out more in our short video below...

#wevegotyoucovered #getyourmaskon #doyounamaste 

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