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How Can Nico Assist You?


Nico, as a Vocal and Performing Arts Coach it became evident early on that students who were working on entering the industry were quite prepared to do the actual physical work of rehearsing, practicing and coming to Nico’s classes fairly well prepared, but were stuck in other areas of their life.

The lack of self-confidence, self-worth or a lowered self-image would hold them back from being able to fully come into their own as a performer and be able to deliver an authentic real performance. It takes far more than being able to sing a song to turn oneself into a master performer.

In order to assist in artist or performers development Nico has developed a range of coaching and self-development techniques that guides and mentors each performer and prepares them for a more committed, empowered growth process.

Nico is an accredited Life and Business Coach, NLP Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnosis coach registered with the American Union of NLP and other accreditation bodies.

His methods of coaching performers is passionate and direct but also nurturing and whilst it pushes every client beyond their comfort zones it supports their growth.  He has gained major industry exposure, wisdom and knowledge and considers his coaching function to make anyone working with him to be unstoppable!

His approach is designed to make you UNSTOPPABLE!

You can set up a FREE consultation to talk about your goals and to learn about how he can help you reach them. This can happen in person or over Skype or telephone. Nico consults industry business professionals too – some want more confidence, other want him to assist them in developing their brand.

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