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Register for our Intensive Preparatory Seminar

Participate in a 3-DAY Performing Arts Intensive Seminar filled with Arts and Entertainment Industry Secrets, Professional Insights and have the opportunity to enter the exciting world of the Arts

3 Days of Inspiring detailed Industry relevant workshops facilitated by international performing arts industry directors working with actors, singers, dancers and models who wish to enter the exciting arts & entertainment industry.

Hosted by Paul Kershaw & Nico Goosen

Owners of Gold Talent International (Global Network) and Regional Member Directors for The International Presentation of Performers (iPOP!) in Los Angeles, California, USA.

They have extensive relationships with major A-lister Agents and Talent Managers on a Global level and have a deep understanding of what is required in order to enter the industry.


You may think you are ready for the industry, or perhaps you are just curious about what it takes to start a career or even have your sights set on getting into Hollywood. You will be trying to figure out what to do next, what decisions to make and how to make it all happen. 


Register for this 3-Day Intensive Seminar filled with every bit of guidance, insights and information that you will ever require! The last day of the seminar is dedicated to evaluating your level of preparedness and performance ability and could result in you being chosen to participate at the Superior and Premier International Presentation of Performers (iPOP!) event in Los Angeles, California, USA!

Having awesome talent is only number 3 on the list of requirements that anyone will need to be able to create an international career in the arts and entertainment industry. 


Attend our seminar and workshops, and discover for yourselves what the reality is and what it is that you truly need to bring to the table to get discovered.


Stop Calling it a Dream.. Start Calling it a Plan!

In order to fully equip ones self for the industry, it is imperative that any performer/model understands that their own belief systems are potentially holding them back from achieving success. Learning to perceive ones self as a powerful performer is the first big step to being recognised in the industry.


Are You Still Dreaming about entering the industry or have you a firm plan in place?

Get Yourself Ready for iPOP!

In order to participate at the world's premier, superior model and talent convention, iPOP! (The International Presentation of Performers in LA), YOU the performer/model should also be fully prepared.


Our Workshops and seminars include a check List of what preparations need to be in place so your performance ability and talent can be effectively evaluated.


Grow Day-by-Day!

Day 1


Introduction to relevance in the industry

(1 hour) 

Overview: What it means to be relevant and how to create relevance within an individual context.

Performance Excellence – with Nico Goosen (2.5 hours)

Overview: Excellence is all about correct methods used on stage in any performance - to succeed and achieve the end goal, how to let go and be the Professional.

Q&A : Course Revision



Overcoming Performance Anxiety – with Paul Kershaw (2 hours)

Overview: Stage fright and pre-performance nerves show a great deal. In this workshop we discover tips, techniques and methods that any performer can utilize in order to overcome nerves and anxiety.


It's Time for a Change – Paul & Nico (1 hour)

Overview: How to approach International Agents, Castings and Auditions at the level that is required and appropriate for each individual event and create the necessary shifts in perception and response in order to succeed. 



Day 2


Finding the right International Agent!

(2 hours)

Overview: The relationship between the performer and the Agent is of paramount importance. Both need each other in order to succeed. Creating a symbiotic relationship takes work and effort.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

(1 hour)

Overview: The psychology of understanding the journey of Self-Discovery is the process of gaining understanding of oneself and one’s motivations and needs. It’s about becoming aware of one’s true potential, character, and motives, whilst challenging the authenticity of our own inner beliefs and internal programming. We regularly present several life-transforming short courses and classes on this special Journey of Self-Discovery.



A Passion for the Performing Arts

( 1.5 hours)

Overview: The Performing Arts is for people who have passion for performing. This workshop provides insight and content into how to creatively inspire oneself and maintain ones own passion. We do it for ourselves because we can.


Social Media – how to create relevant platforms

( 1.5 hours)

Overview: A performer/model's social media contents should reflect their choice of career. It is the first place any agent or talent manager will source for information about the performer. This workshop will facilitate the importance of building your social media base and the appropriate content.

Personal Meetings

Overview: Opportunity to meet one-on-one to discuss any industry related questions.

Day 3


Talent and Performances - Personal Evaluations

Overview: The Directors will evaluate each performer/model's performance ability, level of talent.


Feedback, guidance and insights

Overview: Group feedback will be shared so that the performer benefits from the guidance and insights that were noted during the talent evaluations.


Call-Backs and Invitations to attend iPOP!

Overview: Personal Invitations to those who are selected.


Seminar Pricing

NB: Prices shown are valid for a set minimum quantity of participants.

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    • 3 Day Performing Arts Intensive Workshops
    • Industry relevant workshops by international talent scouts and agents for actors, singers, dancers and models who wish to enter the exciting arts & entertainment industry.
    • Unlimited Course Access

Workshop Total Cost

€ 280.00

$ 350.00

ZAR 2 800.00

This is Coaching training costs ONLY, it does NOT include Venue or Food Cost.

+1 213 423 0740 (USA)

+27 (0)76 379 8555 (WhatsApp)



- Parent

I must admit as a parent I entered this venture as a sceptic. Questioning and second guessing everything. However I was pleasantly surprised. Paul and Nico have been amazing, they understand the concerns of parents and do not minimize it, but they are supportive and encouraging and completely focused on the best interest of the artist and family. Hats off to them! 


iPOP! Alumni

Attending iPoP! Convention was one of the most wholesome and positive experiences I've had, thanks to Gold Talent International! I didn't think that, at 19 years old, I'd be able to work with so many amazing people. In those 5 days I grew so much as an artist and on a personal level. I met many people from around the world who share the same dreams that I do. I would gladly do this over again. I would recommend this to anyone who have a dream...I gave it my all and I'm happy with the outcome I received.


iPOP! Alumni

I was commonly known to love modeling more than anything else. I did not pay attention as much to singing, let alone acting. However Gold Talent International encouraged me to pursue the two as well and to my surprise, I'm doing good in them. It was in 2018 when I won the the overall model of Gold Talent International and was afforded the opportunity to go to the iPoP! Convention in Los Angeles. My experience at IPOP is one that I'll never forget. I've learned new things and met new people... EVEN famous people that I've never thought I would meet. Meeting agents whom I've never dreamt that they would want to work with me was such an overwhelming feeling. IPOP as a whole has also taught me quite a lot. They taught me to believe in myself and to never give up. If you think iPoP is a scam...Think again. I was there I experience it all.

Industry Level Facilitators


Paul Kershaw

Director: Gold Talent International

Member Director: iPOP!


Download Biography Here


Nico Goosen

Director: Gold Talent International

Member Director: iPOP!


Download Biography Here

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