The Belvaspata Song of The Self Healing method uses a combined experiences of specific sigils contained within wheels that bring unexpressed frequencies to the fore so that can bring one into balance and harmony.


Our worldwide community of Belvaspata healers gladly share this beautiful new extension of their healing practice. Here at Belvaspata South Africa it is now available as a full online FREE healing experience for anyone who wishes to have a self-healing platform available to them, guided by Grand master registered healers.

The Song of Self is an ideal initial foray into this powerful modality of healing and introduces each person to the impeccable self, that part of us that that connects cosmically as we expand into everything that exists. To do this, the healer utilizes spheres and wheels that are found in the Flower of Life pattern , or the Template of life.


In simple terms, when there are divisions of these spheres, caused by unexpressed Frequencies –  working with the Song of Self enables those frequencies to be expressed and therefore wholeness, or healing, occurs bringing with it multiple benefits.

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