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Each person on the planet is now required to adjust. To change. To transform the way that they interact in their daily lives.

A new world is being created as new words come into play. Words like “Self-Isolation” or “WFH” meaning “Work From Home”. We are LOOKING at a changed world. There is a Global Health Pandemic in place. That is clear. However, we have choice and self-will to decide on how we wish to respond in world-wide health issues of this level. Even though each one of us needs to respond, we are not a victim nor do we need to buy into the fear or stressful reactions.

We can choose to make the necessary changes, protect ourselves and we can choose to remain realistic in a surreal situation. We have been required to stop reduce touching and proximity to others, cover our respiratory track areas and ensure our hand hygiene is well-maintained. 

Please download the latest W.H.O. information regarding hygiene and how to establish safety protocols around living with the Corona virus!


Did you know?

  • Wearing a DISPOSABLE medical type may offer some protection but its function has always been to protect the patient from the medical provider.  This type of mask is not suitable for situations where fluid or wet particles (potentially containing viral particles) and they re made of paper which absorb fluid or water.
  • A re-usable mask made from fabric is an option but does not always provide the particulate protection required when we are facing a viral threat.

Up to now, there has only been the choice or wearing a disposable protective mask or to wear a more permanent washable item offering very little protection against particulates.


The NAMASKAR Face-Wear 3-in-1 range of fashion health m*sks approach life from a holistic angle.

By investing in one of our unique wearable fashion m*sks you achieve all the maximum benefits without making major adjustments to your busy life-style.

  • Keep yourself healthy – breathe easily whilst ensuring consistent respiratory protection.
  • Environmental landfills are toxic, don’t add more to them than necessary.
  • Maintain comfort, look good and retain a healthy outlook all at the same time.

Our Face-Wear offers both the comfort and convenience of a re-usable M*sk combined with the cost-saving health aspects of a disposable medical mask. 

Who said that you can’t have both at once!


Our Apparel is designed to be durable, protective and provide long-term colour fastness whilst offering easy-care properties combined with an insertable disposable particulate filter that meet our demanding schedules and requirement of today’s busy lifestyle.

Comfort and long term performance are key attributes that we took into consideration when developing our unique range of Face-Wear M*sks.

The raw materials we use are carefully selected for their robust properties whilst also providing clear and recognisable maximum levels of protection for each person who appreciates their health for not only themselves but also their world. We have maintained internationally recognized manufacturing practices in each M*sk that we manufacture.

Ensure continued protection with  our fully reversable home-laundrable Face-Wear!

helpful tips

Do you Namaste? Get your M*sk on!

This what you get when investing in a NAMASKAR Health Face-Wear unit:

  • A Technically engineered and Design focused fully washable reversible Face-m*sk made of a light-weight, launderable cotton fabric that offers comfort and breathability.
  • Following WHO and global industry Experts recommendations of regular hand washing and environmental sanitizing will add to the anti-contamination and-anti-viral process!
  • A fully disposable INSERT made from a strong and fully fluid-resistant material. The insert offers a less- wasteful, particulate resistant, cost-effective with an easy- to- use method. The disposable insert, which fits inside the M*sk is specifically designed to ensure that any air borne particulates are held away from the nose and mouth until it is safely disposed of in the trash (or alternative method.)

You deserve to look, feel and be fabulous at all times!

  • As a South African company, we are always driven to innovate new products and this all-new Face-Wear combines our already extensive experience in the air and surface environmental sampling areas of industry and public areas with over 30 years of experience in industries requiring particle-free clothing and safety-wear
  • We have now proudly developed the NAMASKAR range of Health-wear as an exciting solution that offers an efficient product that delivers increased protection, offers durability, comfort whilst and at the same time ensures that the wearer can go about their day-to day lives in a fashionable and society-conscious manner!


One way we can grow ourselves through this process is to practice compassion. To show love, for ourselves and others. To see, with renewed vision, hope and tolerance. Our eyes are the soul to our world.  What if we could change the way we LOOK at others, practice values of a transformative nature and still provide protection on a physical level?

The gesture of placing your hands together at heart height and looking into your visitors eyes with love, compassion and understanding is widely used throughout the Indian subcontinent, parts of Asia and beyond where people of South and Southeast Asian origins have migrated.

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The word “Namaste” (or namaskar) is used as a respectful form of greeting, acknowledging and welcoming a relative, guest or stranger.  In some contexts, Namaste is used by one person to express gratitude for assistance offered or given, and to thank the other person for his or her generous kindness.

Whilst it may be used in certain spiritual practices, nowadays it has been widely adopted in various parts of the Western world to be used as to function as a greeting of a guest or anyone else. It expresses politeness, courtesy, honor, and hospitality from one person to the other.

There is no need to touch anyone else, or even touch your face during the quick Namaste interaction whilst it acknowledges the other person in many different ways.

Start the movement. Be the leader of change and transformation. Use your Namaskar Health Face-Wear M*sk to make the difference, over-ride fear, reduce stress and ensure your health is your responsibility.

Wearing anything over the mouth and nose may reduce our ability talk or communicate but we still have our eyes and vision available! When wearing a Namaskar Health Face-Wear M*sk, it’s a good time to greet someone, give love, compassion and understanding through using the eyes. At times like this, we all need that extra love.

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R12.00 EACH
  • 1 x Semi-Disposable Facemask
  • Non-woven (Spunbond) material


R100.00 each
  • 1 x Fashionable 1Ply Facemask
  • Re- usable/ Re-washable
  • 1 x Insert


R180.00 per pack
  • 1 x Fashionable Facemask
  • Re-usable/ Double-sided
  • Includes a month's supply of Inserts (30)

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