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ANUA is a registered member of The International Presentation of Performers (iPOP) - this is the worlds largest Model & Talent Convention in the World! All ANUA Models are offered the opportuntity to introduce themselves to the worlds TOP agents and international modelling agencies through our national annual showcase held in Gauteng! We put you in FRONT of the right people in the Industry! Go International!


Anua School of Modelling?

Anua School of Modelling & Self Improvement attracts students from all over who want to learn how to become a model & break into the modelling industry. It is important to know how to find work with or without a modelling agency. We offer weekly group Modelling classes for both female and male students, created with the understanding of the model who is willing to do the work that is required in such a competitive industry.

The Experience?

At our modelling school you will experience what it’s really like to model in professional photo shoots and our expert team will be on hand to coach you through your journey by sharing top industry tips. You will learn to pose, walk, move, think and look like a professional model and we will show you how to kick start your modelling career.

If we think you have model potential we will invite you to attend an interview or do call us regarding our group classes in Modelling & Self-Improvement.

The Rules for Life!

Pose, Walk, Move, Smile, Laugh. Arrive!

We show you how to promote yourself in the modelling and entertainment world and place you in front of international agents and directors so you can work on kick-starting your modeling career in the industry! We will show you what to do, and how to do it.  It’s an exciting world out there, and you could be part of it.

Whether you are, petite, plus size, athletic, leggy or mature, if you want to become a model then we can teach you how: Model training takes place in our private studios in Benoni on a weekly basis – come join us and change your perspective and outlook on what it takes to be a model in the real world.

Why Choose Us?

ANUA School of Modelling offers top class INTERNATIONAL LEVEL EDUCATION to aspiring models. We  teach you how to model; how to market yourself as model and what type of modelling is right for you. Our Teachers have worked in fashion and the industry for many years and will pass their knowledge onto you. We offer an after care service which means all of our students can contact us at any time with questions about model castings, modelling agencies, photo shoots, what photos to put in their modelling portfolio, which model agency to approach, what to wear for a casting or anything else they might want to know about how to become a model. We pride ourselves on our nurturing and friendly attitude and once you step through our doors you will be made to feel very welcome.

If you are under 18 years of age, it is especially important to have your parents’ support as modelling is a tough career with stiff competition for top modelling agencies, and so we welcome parents to our School to discuss what we will teach as one trains to becomes a model. We suggest that you initially take part in a mini photo shoot & our modelling tutors will be there to coach you along the way as you learn how and what a model does.

What does our Training Entail?

Our complete training will help build up your self confidence and discover whether you are a natural mover in front of the camera, something any model agency will look for. We will teach you how to get in shape, stay fit and healthy and maintain your look which is part of learning how to become a model. Our experts will teach you all about the modelling industry, the world of modelling agencies and casting directors and how to select the right model agency for you. Please do note that we insist that any Make-Up application on students is age appropriate.

Do you need Portfolio in this Industry?

People often ask us if they need a portfolio to get a conventional agent, and the answer is yes, it most certainly helps. Our educators will always suggest that every new model goes out into industry to try to manage to get their own work by self promotion, getting out there, putting their name forward, sending out photographs joining casting websites and networking across the modelling and entertainment industry, however, we know that a good (and developing) portfolio is an invaluable tool, and the more varied it is and the more different aspects of your potential looks that it shows the better chance you have of getting work.

No one can ever promise you will find work in the modelling and entertainment world and no one can guarantee overnight fame, but the more dedicated and focused you are and the more you push yourself the more chance you have of success.

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Younger Childrens  Class every Wednesday 2.30pm (6-13 years)

Teens (& above) Class every Wednesday 5.30pm


Male  / Female : photographic & ramp & commercial  (Athletic & Sports Models incl.)

Fashion : photographic & ramp & commercial

Plus Size : photographic & ramp & commercial

Alternative : photographic & ramp & commercial

Teen : photographic & ramp & commercial

Petite : photographic & commercial (ramp taught for confidence & experience only)


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